Marketing Services Group
Marketing Services Group

David Kostrzewski, President
Marketing SG
29 Silent Meadow, Suite 100
Orchard Park, NY 14127-2043
T 716-667-2119


Some marketing initiatives don’t require a full-time staff. To better deal with your advertising and promotion needs, ON-SITE provides internal access to experienced, marketing pros with superior know-how to get your programs done right. The overall costs are a fraction of hiring a full-time employee. We have the expertise to be effective and efficient from the day we start – saving you time and money.

Utilize ON-SITE for:

  • Short term projects that don’t require a full-time new employee.
  • Marketing staff support for seasonal support and new product launches.
  • Marketing department downsizing or short-term staff changes.
  • The flexibility to hire experienced marketing practitioners who work with you to develop, drive and execute marketing initiatives for as long as needed.
  • ON-SITE allows you to “scale up” on staff when it’s warranted--reducing the overall cost of marketing functions. Think of it as your “on-call” marketing department that you only pay for when needed.
  • ON-SITE includes the efficiency and savings of in-house media planning and buying services.